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Songs by Richard Strauss

Steve Davislim (Tenor)
Simone Young (Conductor)
State Orchestra of Victoria

Composer(s):  Richard Strauss
Catalogue Number:  MR301108
Super Audio CD
"This is a lovely recording: gorgeous music, immaculately performed and recorded, sumptuously packaged" Audiophile Audition (US
"... gave me much pleasure...happily take its place amongst the best recitals of Strauss' orchestrated lieder and is highly recommended." SA-CD.NET (UK)
"[The Songs] couldn't be more perfect, more exquisite. Nor could this recording." American Record Guide (US)
"Another fine Melba issue ... sung by tenor Steve Davislim ...This young tenor possesses a remarkably expressive voice." Classical CD Review (US)
"...the remarkable partnership [Davislim] and [Young] forge in this music communicate so fully ... that it is impossible to turn away... “ Fanfare (US)

Golden voiced tenor, Steve Davislim, appears with Orchestra Victoria and Simone Young in a recital of Strauss’ orchestral songs. SACD

"Simone Young's ability to shape a phrase is remarkable, and something she has come to via the time-honoured European route of Kapellmeister; working with singers as repetiteur, accompanist, colaborator and leader.

Her performance with Steve Davislim on this recording is a perfectly judged balance between the analytical and the rapturous. Every detail in Strauss' accompaniment speaks with perfect clarity while never overbalancing and always allowing  Davislim's golden tenor voice by turns  to soar or float above the orchestral texture.

"Actually I like my Songs best...musical ideas have prepared themselves in me - God knows why, and when, as it were, the barrel is full, a song appears in the twinkling of an eye." - Richard Strauss

"This is a superlative disc ... Davislim is robust and luxurious ... This is one of the loveliest Strauss discs to come along in many years – and anyone who enjoys the composer’s way with words and music shouldn’t miss it. AllMusic Guide (USA) (August 2007)

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Track Listing

1 Heimliche Aufforderung Op.27 No.3 in B flat 2:56 Preview $1.70    Buy
2 Allerseelen Op.10 No.8 in E flat 3:04 Preview $1.20    Buy
3 Ständchen Op.17 No.2 in F 2:23 Preview $1.20    Buy
4 Ruhe meine Seele Op.27 No.1 in C 4:25 Preview $1.20    Buy
5 Morgen! * Op.27 No.4 in G 3:42 Preview $1.20    Buy
6 Zueignung Op.10 No.1 in C 1:57 Preview $0.60    Buy
7 Traum durch die Dämmerung Op.29 No.1 in F sharp 3:01 Preview $1.20    Buy
8 Ich trage meine Minne Op.32 No.1 in G flat 2:34 Preview $1.20    Buy
9 Liebeshymnus Op.32 No.3 in B 1:52 Preview $0.60    Buy
10 Verführung Op.33 No.1 in E 7:50 Preview $2.40    Buy
11 Das Rosenband Op.36 No.1 in A 2.42 Preview $1.20    Buy
12 Befreit Op.39 No.4 in E minor 5:34 Preview $2.40    Buy
13 Wiegenlied Op.41 No.1 in D 4:28 Preview $1.20    Buy
14 Freundliche Vision Op.48 No.1 in D 2:08 Preview $1.20    Buy
15 Waldseligkeit Op.49 No.1 in F sharp 2:59 Preview $1.20    Buy
16 Die Heiligen drei Könige aus Morgenland Op.55 No.6 in C 5:20 Preview $2.40    Buy
17 Capriccio** closing scene, Moonlight Music 3:58 Preview $1.20    Buy
18 Der Rosenkavelier: Second Waltz Suite, Op.59 8:01 Preview $2.40    Buy
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Steve Davislim (Tenor)
Simone Young (Conductor)
State Orchestra of Victoria

Richard Strauss