Ronald Legum
Audiophile Audition (US

This is a lovely recording: gorgeous music, immaculately performed and recorded, sumptuously packaged … These songs of Richard Strauss ... are, by nuance, filled with nostalgia, longing and a richness not unlike the finest confection.

Steve Davislim, young Australian tenor, conveys the full measure of Strauss' love songs. His voice ranges from hushed and wistful to heroic. Phrasing and emphasis are spot-on, in keeping with the verse. Davislim's German seems as if it is his natural language. He is very, very fine.

Orchestra Victoria under Simone Young provides more than worthy accompaniment. They star! Ms Young is a terrific Strauss conductor. She achieves a glorious orchestral sound, worthy of this composer whose instrument was the symphony orchestra. In SACD multichannel the ambience of Melbourne's Iwaki Auditorium is captured with outstanding realism. Richard Strauss' mastery of the orchestra and voice are thrillingly revealed.

Melba Recordings has an extensive discography available on their website. Do visit and enjoy the brief video message by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE, Melba's founding benefactor. It is joyously traditional. This is the first Melba disc I have heard. If it is representative of the quality of their recordings, I look forward eagerly to more releases.

Most warmly recommended.