Wagner: Götterdämmerung

John Grant
2MBS Fine Music (Australia)
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The final chapter in the first Australian-made recording of this epic Cycle has been released… the achievement cannot be denied and the recording quality has been outstanding, as has the presentation of these discs.

My first impression was that the standards of sound regarding warmth and presence have been maintained… Mussard [as Siegfried] seems in control. I liked the dark-voiced Duccio dal Monte as Hagen. His call to the Vassals has plenty of menace… [with] fine work from the male chorus.

Other roles are done well… Elizabeth Campbell’s… musicianship and acting ability are never in question.

Lisa Gasteen has world renown as Brünnhilde, and she can certainly get through the role with aplomb… She handles this difficult and demanding role with plenty in reserve, and has more to do in this final opera than either of the previous two.

John Wegner’s Alberich still impresses me and the Gunther and Gutrune are more than adequate but they are somewhat thankless roles. The three Norns are very find indeed and I have to say the usual boredom that sets in when these three old weavers start telling the entire story again was avoided by the individual beauty of each voice.

 The orchestra is more than competent throughout... Their warmth and balance are excellent… [This is] a handsome addition to the genre of Australian recordings and deserves to be supported. I’m sure Wagner fans will buy it and add it to their many other recordings. Wagner fanatics are like that… and with its consistency of excellent sound and generally good casting it should succeed in the market place here and around the world.