Wagner: Das Rheingold

Jean-Jacques Millo
Opus High Definition (France)

The first Ring on SACD format comes to us from Australia, with a local cast and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra conducted by Asher Fisch. This Rheingold recording is a great achievement. With broad tempi that allow the musical discourse to develop and breathe, Fisch’s direction unfolds the drama with a vision both fluid and energetic. The action then oscillates between the feverish and the meditative, which the soloists transcend with their continuous presence.

The cast deserves a tribute, in particular John Bröcheler as Wotan, Christopher Doig as Loge, Elizabeth Campbell as Fricka and Liane Keegan as Erda. John Wegner's Alberich deserves first prize, with a rare expressive force, giving the drama a truth that one thought was lost in today's Wagnerian singing.

With a fairly large sound, respecting the perspective of the action - and with remarkable editing - these Super Audio CDs are made for multi-channel hearing.


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