J.S. Bach Organ Sonatas

Paul Turok
Turok's Choice (US)

Bach’s six Organ Sonatas are superbly played by Christopher Wrench (hybrid SACD 301125). He plays on an instrument, which although built in 1995, is a historical reconstruction of a 1724 organ by a pupil of Schnitger. Wrench is a fine organist, who chooses judiciously colourful and penetrating stops (the pipes for the entire organ, and the stops he chose for each sonata are in the liner notes). He also plays in rock-solid rhythm; once he sets a tempo he maintains it.

The music is some of Bach’s most gracious. Basically, there are two independent keyboards, which play the same materials in contrapuntal combinations. The pedal keyboard is more or less the accompaniment, although it also participates in the counterpoint occasionally. Each part is a single line, which keeps the textures transparent. The sound is exquisite and beautifully recorded.