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"... a label of fragrant distinction"

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Believe In Love

Diapason (France)
Michel Parouty
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Even more than the first instalments in the Ring project, these recitals define the personality of Melba Recordings, the Australian label now available in France. Several good fairies have taken part in its birth with, let’s admit it, noticeable success, because the SACD sound is enjoyable, the presentation is elegant and editorial is informative enough. The originality of the programmes is obvious, and one recognizes here the influence of Richard Bonynge, the reletentless discoverer.
We will therefore enjoy a generous lyric hour, with rare arias from Faccio (Amleto), Saint-Saëns (Étienne Marcel), Leoncavallo (Chatterton), Cilea (Gloria)… If Elizabeth Whitehouse performs them with a very sure taste ... it is thanks to her faultless guide and mentor, conducting a brilliant orchestra with agility ...