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Wagner: Die Walküre

Classique News (France)
Carl Fisher

Announced as an event, the complete Ring from the State Opera of South Australia holds good to its promises. This production of Walküre, recorded at the end of 2004, creates great expectancy for the following chapters. Asher Fisch conducts the musicians from the Adelaide Symphony with an assertive hand, highlighting the dramatic intensity of the saga whilst detailing the psychological fabric ... [and] draws a perspective full of panache, movement and tenderness ...

The coherence of the vision, the consistency of the vocalists - all the soloists deserve applause - and the quality of orchestral playing, add to the total conviction of the ensemble. From a label bearing the name of an immense singer, who became a myth in the operatic world, one would have high expectations regarding the singing. The challenge is met. This production is really worthy of the latest Bayreuth productions ...

That the recording benefits from the performances being on SACD, only increases the attractiveness of this first volume. The design of total theatre envisioned by Wagner, is here, in the absence of image, very honourably restored.


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