Wagner: Siegfried

Acoustic Sounds (US)

This critically acclaimed, beautifully recorded and produced series continues from Melba. In 1877, Lohengrin had been the first Wagner staged in Australia, followed, during the next 40 years, by all the major works, except Parsifal. Sydney and Melbourne saw a Ring cycle from a touring company around 1913 and in the 1980s concert versions sold out. No one doubted that there would be an Australian audience for the Ring. Attempts to create a Ring in Sydney had stalled by the mid-1980s and never got under way in Melbourne. How could Adelaide, with a quarter of the population, succeed? The answer proved to be the same as for Wagner between 1848 and 1876, to wit, bold leaps and shameless determination. The State Opera of South Australia would present all four parts in one go. The usual method is to develop one part each year for three years and then stage the cycle in the fourth year. Adelaide would do it all at once over three weeks. The result is this magnificent series of recordings