J.S. Bach Organ Sonatas

Tony Way
The Age 'Green Guide' (Australia)

Even seasoned lovers of classical music can find organ music an acquired taste. Some believe it too ‘academic’ and others see the organ world as full of geeks best left to their own devices. So it is most refreshing to have an organ disc where the performer is first and foremost a musician who views his instrument as solely the means to artistic ends. In the case of Bach’s organ sonatas, these artistic ends are notoriously difficult to achieve.

These works, with their intricate trio textures, demand absolute precision and clarity; they often force the player’s hands and feet into far-from-ergonomic positions. All these challenges must be surmounted before any real music can be made. In daring to record these sonatas, Christopher Wrench has shown himself to be the rarest of creatures: an artist who can reveal to his listeners the inner beauty of the music he plays.

The creativity and even quirkiness of the sonatas is a joy to behold. A great achievement from one of Australia’s best organists and deserving of much success.