J.S. Bach Organ Sonatas

Geoff Adams
Otago Daily Times (NZ)

Australian organist Wrench, winner of international prizes, plays on the reconstructed Garnisons Kirke organ, Copenhagen, an instrument with lovely tonal freshness. From first touch in 1998, Wrench dreamt of recording the Bach Organ Sonatas on it. Melba grants his wish with crystal-clear sound.

There is 78 minutes of glorious music on disc, enhanced by this label’s usual luxury packaging. The six sonatas are regarded as examples of Bach’s supreme contrapuntal genius — and testing exercises. Known as trio sonatas, for two manuals with obligato pedal, they were written for Bach’s eldest son Wilhelm Friedemann, who became known as a great organist. Composed in Bach’s masterful maturity, they are each of similar length (11 to 15 minutes) in three movements.

Highlight: superb music on a beautiful instrument