J.S. Bach Organ Sonatas

John Pitt
New Classics (UK)

On this recording of Bach’s organ sonatas, BWV 525–530, sometimes called trio sonatas, Australian-born Christopher Wrench plays on the organ in Garnisons Kirke, Copenhagen. He writes: ‘From the moment I first played the Lund reconstruction of the Garnisons Kirke organ when preparing for a recital in 1998, I dreamt of recording the Bach Organ Sonatas on the instrument. With my strong interest in informed performance practice, there was no doubt in my mind that the tonal freshness of this particular instrument and the exceptional agility of its mechanism would provide a superb medium for the realisation of Bach’s musical vision.’ Johann Nikolaus Forkel, 1802, in his survey of Bach’s life and work remarked: ‘One cannot say enough of their beauty. They were made during the composer’s most mature age and can be looked upon as his chief work of this kind.’ The Garnisons Kirche organ, built in 1995 by Carsen Lund and based on a 1724 design by Lambert Daniel Kastens, has a clear and authentic vibrancy. Christopher Wrench’s meticulous technique transforms pieces that are more often performed as demanding exercises into an enjoyable and satisfying experience for the listener, enhanced by excellent SACD Surround Sound (78 minutes) on this recording. The picture disc comes in an attractive digipak with a colour booklet containing an essay, translations and biographical notes.