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Wagner: Die Walküre

Elusive Disc (US)

For those of you who were around for the birth of Stereo in the late fifties and who waited expectantly for the first installment of the Solti / Culshaw Ring, life is here repeating itself. Back then, we listened to opera coming out of one speaker. While musically satisfying in many cases, the sound was lifeless. Then came Stereo and the operatic stage was before us. Solti / Culshaw and Wagner defined this stage for all. Now comes SACD or more specifically multi-channel surround as opposed to just stereo. When recorded properly as it is in this new Melba Walküre, the aural experience is as profound as the difference between mono and Stereo. The proper time sequence in recorded history should really be one channel, two channel, and multi-channel not mono, stereo and SACD, for it is the multi-channel aspect of this wonderful performance that makes it so breathtakingly beautiful.

For those of you who wonder what all the fuss is about multi-channel here is some advice. Spend a few dollars, set your room up properly and then listen to this Melba Walküre. You will then know first hand what all the fuss is about and will never go back to two-channel. This new recording from Melba is a spectacular package - beautiful, natural sound, enthusiastic, wonderful voices in a presentation which is world-class. The Ring could hardly be presented better.