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Classique News include Asher Fisch’s Liszt Wagner Paraphrases CD in their TOP FIVE CDs OF THE YEAR

Friday, 12 October 2012 - 1:35pm

 Lucas Irom’s detailed review in Classique News was filled with extravagant praise. Now Classique News have listed this in their top five CDs of the year.

Click here to read the entire review, or see some excerpts below:


Listeners receive their money’s worth here through the splendour of the tableaux and the grandeur and emotional intensity of the scenes conjured up in this almost cinematic recital. 

. . . sublimely honed in this pianistic reimagining of the highest flight.  

. . . a miracle which issues forth through the nuanced and spiritual pianism of Asher Fisch. 

(Asher Fisch) confirms here his certain and indisputable affinities with the great Richard

. . .  pays irresistible homage to Wagner and to Liszt

. . . What fire and what intoxication of nuance! . . .  almost 11 minutes of an uninterrupted single breath.

A remarkable release, then, as appreciable for its liner notes (including an extensive essay written by the artist, translated into French) as for the natural and finely balanced sound, like the majority of the recordings from the manifestly inspired Australian label, Melba.

An absolute favourite CD from the summer of 2012.”

Asher Fisch