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Winner of 2 tickets to Rodelinda

Friday, 3 October 2014 - 9:14am

The lucky winner is Kevin Cox who sent this reply to WHY I LOVE OPERA:

I love opera because of the 8th Wonder of the world - Dame Joan Sutherland having heard her many times.

There were many other wonderful responses, including the following:

Melba’s singing teacher and lifelong friend and confidante, Madame Marchesi, once said: “It was Melba’s brains that made her voice”, and I believe that is true of all great opera composers and opera singers.

Opera both musically and visually takes me to another plane and releases me from the trials of daily life.

Opera allows me to feel passion, vibrant love and express overwhelming feelings of exhilaration and sadness all in one night!

I love Opera for the passion it brings to music and the sound of glorious voices accompanied by an orchestra and it's great sound.

What is not to like about Opera; it is the combination of great music, gripping drama and brilliant singing that makes opera such a uniquely attractive art.

Opera makes me feel like I can take wings and fly.

Opera transports me to another place where the beauty of the voice and timeless stories through the drama of the singing are ever present!

Opera moves us to another world.

...because it reaches the parts beyond everything else!
(‘Studying Wagner roles is like peeling an onion. Beneath the first layer is another and another until you reach the centre, then –infinity.’- Jess Thomas in interview, 1971)

It has History, it has Genius, it can touch me to the core of what I conceive to be being and it has tunes I sing under the shower.

I love opera because its multi faceted nature transports so many of my senses to a magical world of the sublime.