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CD 1:  Nance Grant and Geoffrey Parsons in recital

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
I Love Thee (Melodies of the Heart Op. 5 No. 3) Hans Christian Andersen   Preview
With a Waterlily Op. 25 No. 4 Henrik Ibsen   Preview
Two Brown Eyes (Melodies of the Heart Op. 5 No. 4) Hans Christian Andersen  Preview
Solveig’s Song (Peer Gynt Op. 23) Henrik Ibsen   Preview 
5  A Dream Op. 48 No. 6 Friedrich von Bodenstedt   Preview 

Richard Hageman (1881–1966)
Charity Emily Dickinson   Preview 
Music I Heard With You Conrad Aiken    Preview 
At the Well Rabindranath Tagore     Preview 
Do Not Go, My Love Rabindranath Tagore    Preview 
10 Miranda Hilaire Belloc   Preview 

Richard Strauss (1864–1949)
11  Ich Schwebe Op. 48 No. 2 Karl Henkell    Preview 
12  Meinem Kinde Op. 37 No. 3 Gustav Falke    Preview 
13  Die Nacht (Acht Gedichte Op. 10 No. 3) Hermann von Gilm    Preview 
14  Die Georgine (Acht Gedichte Op. 10 No. 4) Hermann von Gilm   Preview 
15  Wie Sollten geheim sie Halten? Op. 19 No. 4 Adolf Friedrich von Schack   Preview 
16  Glückes genug Op. 37 No. 1 Detlev von Liliencron   Preview 
17  Schön sind, doch kalt Op. 19 No. 3 Adolf Friedrich von Schack   Preview 
18  Waldseligkeit Op. 49 No. 1 Richard Dehmel   Preview 
19  Wiegenlied Op. 41 No. 1 Richard Dehme   Preview 

CD 2:  Nance Grant sings opera, oratio and Lieder

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)
Idomeneo, re di Creta
1   ‘Estinto è Idomeneo’* ‘You’re lost now, Idomeneo’ Elettra  Preview
2   ‘Idol mio, se ritroso altra amante a me ti rende’*   Preview
     ‘Wayward lover now returning from another to my side’ Elettra 
      Elizabethan Melbourne Orchestra (Orchestra Victoria) / Richard Divall (1982)   Preview

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827)
‘Komm, Hoffnung, lass den letzten Stern’*   Preview
    ‘Come, let not thy last great star’ Leonore 

Gaetano Donizetti (1797–1848)
Maria Stuarda
4   ‘Sì, vuol di Francia il Rege col mio core l’Anglo trono’*  Preview
     ‘Yes, but the French prince is seeking both my heart and my Kingdom...’ Elizabeth

Richard Wagner (1813–1883)
5   ‘Dich, teure Halle’ Elisabeth   Preview
      Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra / Edward Downes (1974)

Die Walküre
‘Der Männer Sippe’ Sieglinde with Jon Weaving, Siegmund    Preview
  ‘Du bist der Lenz’ Sieglinde   Preview

Richard Strauss
Ariadne auf Naxos
'Ein Schönes war’* ‘A Wonder Was’ Ariadne    Preview
9  ‘Es gibt ein Reich’* ‘There is a Land’ Ariadne    Preview
    Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra / Edward Downes (1975) 

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
10 ‘Hear Ye, Israel’    Preview
     Sydney Philharmonia Choir and Orchestra / Peter Seymour (24 November 1979)

Richard Wagner
11  Der Engel    Preview
12  Stehe still!   Preview
13  Im Treibhaus   Preview
14  Schmerzen   Preview
15  Träume   Preview
       (11-14: orch. Mottl; 15: orch. Wagner)
      West Australian Symphony Orchestra / Dalia Atlas (ABC Perth, 11–12 September 1981)