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European Finance (France)

Elan, recent album from the Australian Melba label, was released at the start of November in Europe. This recording of ballet music presents world premieres from four operas by Camille Saint-Saëns: Etienne Marcel, Henry VIII, Proserpine (sic.) and Ascanio

The celebrated author and biographer Jean Gallois outlines the life of this illustrious French composer from the post-Romantic period, born in 1835. Great pianist, organist, celebrated for his twelve operas, his oratorios, symphonies, five piano concertos, chamber music...occupying also an important place in the history of the seventh art: he is reputed to be the first composer to write music specially for a film.       

For this recording we find at the helm of Orchestra Victoria the baton of the French conductor Guillaume Tourniaire. He studied at the Conservatoire in Geneva and during that time was awarded first prize in the Gabriel Fauré international piano competition. In 1993 he began his professional career as artistic director of the Ensemble vocal le Motet de Genève. After a great success, he took the post of music director at Prague National Opera in 2007. A passionate pioneer, he pursues his work like a “champion of world premieres”.     

 In this exceptional composition, the 12th dance “Apotheosis” from the opera Ascanio, reflects the passionate and solemn atmosphere of the album through the subtle interplay between the strings and winds. In a word, a genuinely exciting musical crescendo.