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Benaud Trio

Limelight (Australia)
Chris Latham
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Contemporary Australian composers in the spotlight

We are lucky that we are living in a time where we can recognise great creators while they are still alive. As part of that process, recordings are crucially important, allowing aficionados to learn new pieces and become familiar with their charms and delights. This CD of the Benaud Trio’s world premiere recordings will go a long way to establishing these Australian works in the hearts and minds of both the listeners and the new performers.

Ross Edwards’ Piano Trio is a modern classic, and the first and second movements are both played very well. The last movement is the hardest to pull off and is less successful here.

Paul Stanhope’s Dolcissimo Uscignolo, after Monteverdi’s madrigal, is a well constructed standalone movement with islands of interesting and evocative material, ...

In Matthew Hindson’s Piano Trio, we start with a fine Moto Perpetuo, the slow movement, Repetitions, finds Hindson in a Bill Evans-ish mood, while the final movement, Epic Diva, is a curious take on anthemic pop. Glam and whimsical, overblown and yet quite affecting. I really liked it.

Nicholas Buc’s Trailer Music is a concert showpiece which takes its inspiration from the genre of the movie preview. In just over 12 minutes, it manages to run the gamut from action to drama, romance and all the way through to epic Cinerama.