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"... a label of fragrant distinction"

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Melba Recordings delivers dramatic performances of innovative repertoire including many WORLD PREMIERES with unrivalled sound quality, sumptuous packaging and authoritative essays. Now with downloads available in the highest MP3 quality, CD equivalent and Studio Master Quality. Download Brochure

Melba Recordings is committed to the highest audio standards, with all of its recordings released in state-of-the-art sound. Its recordings have enjoyed worldwide acclaim for their clarity, immediacy and unmatched quality. Download Catalogue

Melba Recordings is driven by imagination, innovation and a commitment to upholding its namesake Dame Nellie Melba’s conviction about making music: “It’s got to be perfection!”.


Leslie Howard (Piano) "Amazing solo piano recording from one of the world's most respected pianists performing today".
Ray Chen (Violin) Timothy Young (Piano) Ray Chen's debut recording. “An irresistible recital of Stravinsky’s arrangements for violin and piano..."
Music for Viola and Piano. Roger Benedict (Viola) Timothy Young (Piano) Ben Jacks (Horn) Composers: Jongen and Kœchlin. "...stimulating, disturbing or simply lush music "
Mozart and Mendelssohn. Dean Emmerson Dean trio. Tinalley String Quartet. “… wonderful music, finely played, superbly recorded and lavishly presented - what are you waiting for?"
Music of Vierne & Chausson. Davislim, QSO, Tourniaire. Winner of Le Prix Gabriel Fauré. **Le Diamant d'Opéra** Gramophone 'Editor's Choice' "... high drama ... fabulous sound"
Christopher Wrench plays the Bach's Organ Sonatas at Garnisons Kirke. "This goes right to the top of the list for these works…” “sheer joy in music-making--an unequivocal triumph"
Matthew Wilkie, bassoon. Neal Peres Da Costa, harpsichord. Kees Boersma, double bass. Six chamber pieces by J.S. Bach, Telemann and C.P.E. Bach. ".. . a real winner"
Steve Davislim, tenor. Simone Young, piano. "...this release is worth several times its weight in gold ." "Britten could not find better ambassadors for his melodic outpouring ... "
Steve Davislim, Tenor Anthony Romaniuk, Piano "A spell-binding and compulsive performance ... worthy to be counted amongst the best *****Performance *****Sonics
Paul Dean, clarinet. Grainger Quartet. QSO. Guillaume Tourniaire. " near perfection as one could ever expect to hear." "Outstanding performances, recorded with Melba's usual rich sonics."